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Since 1990 our clients and community have been at the forefront of every decision we make; we are committed to doing our part in containing the spread of COVID-19 to protect our team, customers, sellers, business owners, and renters!

As of right now, our photographers and drone pilots are continuing to photograph properties taking several precautions before, during, and after appointments to protect ourselves, you, and property owners.

To help put home sellers at ease, please review our message below and remind them that after the virtual home tour and photo session is complete, further visits to the home from potential buyers will be minimized and can be done so virtually.

Before your photography shoot:
Please have all lights on, doors open, toilet lids closed, and make sure that everything is off counters and put away. Make sure the specified spaces are ready to photograph. (Feel free to provide this document to your sellers before the scheduled shoot .

We are asking homeowners to limit the number of family members in the home as much as possible. If homeowners are at home, please have them stand at least 6 feet away from our team members or isolate themselves in a room that isn’t being photographed. Our team will move swiftly and efficiently to make sure we are out of the premises as quickly as possible. On average, a photography appointment will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

During the photography shoot:
At this time, we have instructed our photographers not to move or touch any of the seller’s items while photographing the homes. We are doing our part to both protect our photographers but also to reassure the homeowners.

Our photographers are instructed to wash hands with the company provided sanitizer before entering and leaving buildings. They will wear a fresh set of gloves throughout each appointment and will enter the home/space with gloves on and take great care not to touch items throughout the home.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and continued quality that you can trust. Each of our team members works remotely from home and not in an office setting. We are taking this health precaution very seriously and appreciate you working with us to ensure everyone’s safety. As such, we will continue to follow CDC guidelines carefully to ensure safety for all!

Please note that if homes are not ready, you may see some items in your images we would have previously moved before the virus. Again we’re taking these steps to protect our team, homeowners and the community.

Thank you for your business, trust, and support during these unprecedented times. We shall never stop letting go of hope.

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